last update: 4 March, 2022

Criteria for selection of hotels

The above list of hotels has been selected based on the following criteria:

  1. Nagasaki international tourism and convention association makes a recommendation.
  2. Each participant can reach the hotel from Dejima Messe Nagasaki within 10 minutes on foot, or the hotel stands nearby streetcar stop.
  3. The hotels provide official English website.

Besides, there are other good hotels around JPY5,000 per night per man in Nagasaki-city. If you would like to research other hotels, you may refer to online travel booking site: agoda,, Expedia, etc.

The list of hotels nearby Dejima Messe Nagasaki

# Name Total Rooms Access from Dejima Messe Nagasaki Official Website
1Hilton Nagasaki200connected
2JR Kyushu Hotel Nagasaki11410 min walk
3Hotel New Nagasaki15310 min walk
4Hotel Wingport Nagasaki20010 min walk
5Hotel Coure Nagasaki Ekimae16110 min walk
6Toyoko Inn Nagasaki Ekimae21910 min walk
7APA Hotel Nagasaki Ekimae8510 min walk

The list of hotels near streetcar station

The street car is an useful public transport in Nagasaki city. Wherever you want to go, the fare is the same. The fare is 140 Japanese Yen. The closest streetcar stop to Dejima Messe Nagasaki is "Nagasaki Station". It takes 10 minutes on foot from Nagasaki Station to Dejima Messe Nagasaki. If you would like to ride the streetcar, we recommend to visit the following links in advance:

# Name Total Rooms Access from Nagasaki Station Near streetcar stop Official Website
8Hotel Belleview Nagasaki Dejima2015 min by streetcarOhato
9S-PERIA Hotel Nagasaki1555 min by streetcarOhato
10Comfort Hotel Nagasaki1115 min by streetcarOhato
11Richmond Hotel Nagasaki Shianbashi20715 min by streetcarShianbashi
12CANDEO HOTELS20715 min by streetcarShinchi Chinatown
13HOTEL JAL CITY NAGASAKI17015 min by streetcarShinchi Chinatown
14NAGASAKI BUS TERMIAL HOTEL16015 min by streetcarShinchi Chinatown
15HOTEL FORZA NAGASAKI17520 min by streetcarHamano-machi Arcade
16hotel H215620 min by streetcarHamano-machi Arcade
17Hotel Monterey Nagasaki12325 min by streetcarOurakaigan-dori
18ANA Crowne Plaza Nagasaki Gloverhill21625 min by streetcarOura Cathedral


Are there any special rates for conference attendants in the suggested hotels?
No. There is no special rate for conference attendants.